Wakeboarding with Studentsprague

Summer is nearly here, what do you think?! Well, the weather doesn’t look like it yet, but we promise we make it better till June! Before the semester ends, we have some summer vibes here. On 22nd to 23rd of June, we are going wakeboarding with Studentsprague. We prepared few reasons why to go:

  1. You can enjoy your summer weekend in the best company and you don’t really need to do a complicated packing. Just take your swimsuit and good vibes, we will organise the rest.

  2. We will teach you wakeboarding in case you have never done it before. In case you did, we want you there anyway! Our instructors are experienced, English speaking, friendly and will recognize exactly if you need some backup or you are good to go already. 

  3. We will take you to the place, prepare a BBQ dinner, teach you wakeboarding and built the tents for you so that you can enjoy the nature to the fullest. Believe us that there is not many better things than enjoying a warm summer evening in a good company and then lay down in your sleeping bag and have a long and powerful sleep.

  4. As usually at our Studentsprague trips, you will get to know the people you are used to meet just in the office, from other point of view. Petr, who is in charge of the trips and others will experience all this with you, so you can have a real good fun.

  5. Food and transport is included and you are always in the first place as our guests.

Price of the course 2590CZK includes: transport, the wake course, tents & sleeping bags for your comfortable sleeping, dinner, breakfast and a lunch. 🙂

If you feel like signing up, just write us a PM or stop by at our office – we totally count you in!