Trip to Brno & how to enjoy it

Prague is the best city in Europe, maybe in the whole world. No doubts. But as far as we know, it’s always good to know number two well, too. Number 2 in frame of Czech Republic is called Brno and even if some Prague patriots might keep telling you the opposite, we do believe it’s worth a trip. Here are few tips how to enjoy it at its best – start with buying a yellow bus ticket for 120 CZK only and then enjoy all these.


Praguers have Prague castle, Brno inhabitats’pride is called Špilberk. It was a former representative castle as well as fortress and prison in its times and it has a wonderful view as it stands up the hill. Špilberk’s existance dates until the 13th century and today there is a Brno City Museum with fine permanent and frequent temporary exhibitions. Permanent exhibits focus on the architectural history of the castle and its role as a prison, as well as the history of Brno.

Villa Tugendhat

Have you read a novel The glass room by Simon Mawer which is turing into a movie in cinemas right now? Not only this should be a reason for you to visit Villa Tugendhat. Built for family Tugendhat in 1930 by famous architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe it is considered a example of modern architecture of the early 20th century, listed in the UNESCO World Heritage Site. Using some of the most modern technology and concepts from that time period, the villa is famous for its unique open-plan structure and use of materials such as onyx, chrome, travertine, and ebony. However, the tours are very popular with Czechs and tourists, so you should book in advance! They have and English speaking tours, too. 

The Moravian Gallery in Brno

Brno has a very progressive art gallery with many buildings and a wide offer, called The Moravian Gallery in Brno. It is spread among a number of the city’s most important historical buildings, including Pražák Palace, the Museum of Decorative Arts, and the Governor’s Palace. The museum houses an eclectic mix of visual arts including paintings, drawings, and sculptures. Other highlights include a large display of photography and applied arts, as well as graphic design (the museum has hosted an international graphic design contest since 1963).

Brno astronomical clock

Only in Brno there’s an astronomical clock which literally looks like penis. It has a game included in it: day at 11:00 it releases a glass marble, which the spectators can catch from one of four openings in the monument and they can take it with them as a souvenir. Although the monument is publicly known as an astronomical clock (orloj), it is only a clock.

Café Atlas

If you love a hight quality coffee but you are up for something else than a regular espresso bar with wooden simple design, there you go. Café Atlas has a sympathetic design full of fauna and flora, large table for those who like to work on their own with their computer but still with other people around.


No matter what time you need to eat in Brno. At 4pokoje, you can eat your brekfast with managers in ties from 7am, enjoy your lunch with office people having their lunch break, have an afternoon drink with stylish hipster design students or drink until 3am with all of these. No labels, no categories, don’t be ashamed to drink champagne before noon or have your breakfast at 7pm. Always tasty and fresh food, helpful personal, stylish interior. Just try to put 4pokoje in Instagram finder and you will see!

Bar, který neexistuje

In English “Bar which doesn’t exist” is a concept of a personalized bar offering a wide range of signature cocktails and drinks. Usually it is enough to enter and tell the bartender “you feel like something sour, decent, and you like gin” and they are able to recommend you exactly the drink you love. It’s world level bar and we guarantee you won’t find a similar one in Prague. You are simply on the 1st place if you visit as a guest. Okay to have one drink of your heart or even… try them all! But that would definitely take time.

Super Panda Circus

Another unbelievable place. Is it a bar? Is it a gallery? Philosophy? World for itself? Maybe we won’t tell you more because your first impression will say it all. Just visit.

And now – we are pretty sure there’s so much more than that. We just recommended what we visited but trust us, Brno is worth to discover. might help you with this.

Doesn’t matter if you are more of a sightseeing seeker, party boy /girl, culture lover or foodie. Brno has a lot to offer to you. Sometimes even more than Prague has. But ssssh… and never tell this to people from Prague. They might freak out. Bon voyáge! 🙂