Spring is in the air!

6 proofs spring is already in the air. Wait for it!

For this blogpost, we got inspired by an ultimate sunrise we caught in Prague lately. Not only it is getting dark later, there’s also much more beauty to see. 

We decided to put together few reasons why spring is closer and some tips how to make your spring feeling even more intense.

1. Finally spring flowers in flower shops! Of course it was possible to buy tulips, daffodils or crocuses even in the winter, but it was crazy expensive and probably taken long way to get here. Now finally you can buy a flower bouquet with spring colours and brighten your interior. And the smell! We vote for having spring everyday, what about you? Head for example to Naplavka farmers market where you can always buy beautiful flowers.

2. Even if the air is still freezing, we have more sunny days. You might be cold and frozen but as you get more sunshine, your mood and happiness is increasing rapidly.

3. Eating habits – go fresh, go green, go different. If you feel like it was really hard to start a healthier lifestyle at the 1st of January, we got you. In the winter, it’s not always easy to eat light because you need to warm yourself up from inside. Nowadays, many people are eating lighter, meat free or drink less alcohol due to dry February. If you want to change something about your eating, it is just a time. 

4. People are starting to plan summer. Winter semester had only just started but it already feels like ages since you last had a spare time or holidays? Now it’s the best time to start planning your summer holidays – flytickets and acommodations aren’t sold out yet and the prices are still yet pretty low. You need to have something to look forward anyway. What about planning a two weeks trip to get to know the other parts of Czech Republic? Wouldn’t it be a nice after semester break?

5. Spring collections in the shop. Yes. If you were hoping wrapping yourself in long sweathers is gonna last forever, you were wrong. Fashion designers and trendy gurus know it and that`s why you will find wider collection of dresses, skirts and ballerina shoes in fashion shops already now. Of course you can wait until it`s on sale and continue wearing what you already have but why not treat yourself and help you feel springly once upon a time?

6. Fresh air in your wardrobe! If you plan to do it for ages but postpone it all the time, accept this challenge NOW. You will have to hide winter clothes very soon and you can give those pieces you are not using to people who still might need it. Before the freezing weather finally leaves the city, you can help someone who might use that coat you didn`t wear for the last three years.

Now you see it really won’t  take long. Follow one of our tips and trust us we are almost there! Spring season is coming!