Soup – your personal soup guide for the fall

The weather is changing quite quickly during the last days and we are wrapping ourselves in more and more sweathers, scarves etc. And it is gonna get worse. Solution? Eating. And warm soup in the first place. Here we go with our top 8:

Roasted tomatoes soup  

There’s literally nothing better than halfing the cherry tomatoes, spicing them with anything you like and then transform them into tasty winterly soup. It’s healthy, very cheap and also doesn’t take you any time – thanks to baking you only have to spend time with cutting and putting everything together and mixing it which takes just few minutes. Higly recommended – try this recipe on

Pumpkin soup

Of course you know it – it is slowly becoming one of the symbols of autumn and pumpkin season. There are million ways to make it – with broth or without it, creamy, vegan with coconut milk, spicy with chilli, coriander, turmeric or any other spice you could think of. But you would probably regret if you didn’t cook it or have it at least few times during the pumpking season – the pumpkins are the most tasty ones just now, don’t miss it.


Here we come with one typical czech candidate. If you are not afraid of meat and like cabbage, this one is for you. It’s warm, thick, helps you recover after a long night and you won’t even need a second course.


Unfortunately, we don’t have a specific english word for this typical czech dish. Peoples’ attitude to this soup usually oscillate between love and hate. The reason is simple – dill. There’s simply quite a lot of it so it depends on whether you love it or cannot stand it. However, this soup is the best at the mushrooming season. When the mushrooms inside are freshly picked, it tastes just delicious.


Another hangover friend. Might not be enough as a main meal but after a long night it might usually help you exactly the way you need it. And another plus – you find it on menus widely, even out of Prague.


Maybe we didn’t tell you yet, but Czech Republic (and Prague especially) is a heaven of Vietnamese culture and cousine. We have a large Vietnamese community which means you can have a proper bowl of Pho soup almost on every corner. The proper one is usually made with beef but there are also vegetarian variantes. The widest choice is at Sapa – a huge vietnamese market with many shops and bistros at Prague 4 – Libuš. Might be a little bit far away from the city centre but you can make it a day trip with friends or untypical date and you will totally enjoy. If there’s no time to explore, visit the places we have tested for you – the best Pho in Prague is at Letná.


Red lentils soup 

Favourite during the last years, this soup is slowly catching up the pumpkin beauty. It is very filling, healthy and you can make it even vegan – also, it takes almost no time to prepare the lentils, so you can start cooking as soon as you decide rightaway… Which by the way reminfs us of…

Lentils soup!

You don’t probably know our czech version but you should! We are typically preparing it at New Years Eve on the 1st of January – as it traditionally means lot of money (well, ask us later during the year if this trick works so well ;)). But you can also try it any time before – it can contain sausage or frankfurter, bacon (or whatever was left in the fridge) but is delicious meatfree as well. Marjoram (czech herb called “majoránka”) is the key ingredient except the brown lentils. Very good with a fried croutons as well.

What do you say? You hungry now? 🙂 We strongly recommend you to check your storage immediately and start cooking… Hmmm… Not exactly a fan of cooking? There’s always a solution. Here are some tips for soup bistros in Prague:

Polévkárna paní Mančo – Vinohrady

Polévkárna – Karlín

Plavecká polévka – Podolí

If you still feel like soup is not a proper meal to you, maybe you just need some good bread to eat with. Pop to that sympathetic bakery next door and buy a proper bread – you can get inspired also in our article here.

And now finally – enjoy your meal!