Prague & YOU, part 1: James from Great Britain

In our new column we decided to ask some from those who have already left Prague but have experiences and can give you good tips how to spend your time here. James from Great Britain is our first guest: he used to stay at our flat in Hybernska. And he really enjoyed his Prague stay to the fullest! We decided to ask him a few questions and give you some tips – where to go, what to eat and how to enjoy your stay same as James.

1) Scrambled eggs or pancakes? Hangover S.O.S. or kickoff for a long study day? What was your favourite breakfast place in Prague while studying here?

The Cafe Imperial (Hotel Imperial). Good cooked breakfast and amazing art deco interior.

2) What was your best getaway while living in Prague? Did you have a favourite park, garden or little piece of green for jogging, walks or summer picknick with friends?

Vítkov, good for walks and jogging, and there’s a decent beer garden at one end and a museum at the other.
3) Erasmus life is a neverending party. In which bar did you have THAT party of a lifetime and why would you recommend the place?

l’Fleur – good cocktails, and will crucify someone and pour drinks on them behind the bar.
4) Your beloved beer and where to grab it?

Unfiltered and Unpasteurised Pilsner Urquell straight from the barrel – Can only get it at the brewery in Pilsen, but worth the trip.

What about you? Will your next steps follow James and would you have your Christmas breakfast with friends at Imperial? Would you put on your jogging shoes even if there is snowing outside? 🙂


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