Prague & You, part 2: Marion from France

Marion from France who used to stay at our flat in Hybernská is the second “ex-Erasmus” volunteer from our previous students who has agreed to answer a few questions and give you tips where to go in Prague. She’s coming up with some great tips for brekfast and beer places that are a little bit “off the road” but that’s what makes them so special and we love them, too! Thank you for your ideas, Marion! 🙂

1) Scrambled eggs or pancakes? Hangover S.O.S. or kickoff for a long study day? What was your favourite breakfast place in Prague while studying here?

My favorite place was Marthy’s kitchen, I recommended it to some friends and everyone loved it as well. It is not only for breakfast but it was my favorite to go for a brunch.

2) What was your best getaway while living in Prague? Did you have a favourite park, garden or little piece of green for jogging, walks or summer picknick with friends?

The best park is Letna park according to me.

3) Erasmus life is a neverending party. In which bar did you have THAT party of a lifetime and why would you recommend the place?

3) The place where I spent the coolest parties was Chapeau Rouge. It’s definitely not the best bar of Prague, but if you go with your friends you’ll always spend a night you won’t forget!

4) Your beloved beer and where to grab it?

I am not a pro when it comes to beer, to me all blond beers kinda taste the same. But my favorite place to have a beer is a little pub called duende.

Do you want to be our next tipping volunteer? Contact Adela at and tell us more about your Prague favourites!