New semester and autumn is here… and how to deal with it

New semester in Prague has started running pretty fast this time… We are coming up with just few tips what to do to survive, keep uf good autumn vibes and even ENJOY IT!

  1. Make it organised. Start cheering yourself up by visiting a stationery (in case you love it as we do). Diaries, notepads, washi tapes. Make your study notes and TO DO lists colourful, graphic and visual. Believe it or not (and yes, of course we believe it!) everything is easier then. 😉 Here a little tip from us – visit Papelote on their e-shop and even the shop in Vojtěšská 9. This czech based stationery shop offers a weide range of original notebooks, sketchbooks, textile book covers from enviromentally friendly materials. It might happen eventually that you end up spending an hour in their tiny shop, leaving with heavy load of all those stuff you „desperately needed.“ More inspiration on pinterest, as you might know.
  2. Buy your diary for 2019. There’s a phrase in Czech language saying “The prepared ones are the lucky ones.” Be one of them!
  3. Too dark? Make it an advantage! Yes, we know. Summer with its long days and garden and riverside beers long until midnight might be gone in couple days. But this also means a little bit less FOMO (fear of missing out), don’t you think? Less light might mean you can be (!) more productive during the evenings, you catch more inspiration and you don’t have to worry missing that the sunny weather outside… well, we know, but always look from the bright side, hmm?
  4. Prague and suburbs are just wonderful during the autumn! Grab your pumpkin latté (or another favourite autumn hot drink) and take a walk! Best would be somwhere you haven’t been to yet… What about Stromovka? Štvanice? Střelecký ostrov?
  5. One short note according to point 4 – what about finding a new favourite hot drink? Just a small reccommendation for a hot chocolate with small shot of white rum… Hmmm warm, right?
  6. You can finally stop pretending that salads are your “favourite summer dish”. Right now it would be (finally!) much too cold for them, don’t you think? Better go for some fatty, unhealthy but delicious czech dishes. Gulash, svíčková and vepřový vrabec highly recommended, smažák (fried cheese) for vegeratians included! Try Lidová jídelna Těšnov for the true classical ones – opens every working day and three course menu costs literally just few crowns. And stop counting the calories! NOW! 😉
  7. If you still have too many tasks to do and study and have to spend your days with the computer, make it cosy. Visit one of many Prague study rooms (we promise to bring you some concrete tips later this month) or discover some home office friendly café. In there you can make all out of points 1-6 real – choose a seat with a window view, put some good vibes soundtrack to your ears and focus… Three… two… one… Can you hear the inspiration coming? 🙂