Dry February – hot or not?

February is almost over and some of us have tried to keep it dry. In Czech Republic, drinking of alcohol is something so closely linked to everyday life and social contact that it is slowly becoming a massive problem in the society. The numbers are quite clear: According to the World Health Organization (WHO), we drink almost three times the world average per year. The social costs of excessive drinking are estimated at more than 16 billion CZK per year.

Why exactly February? There are some reasons you might consider even in case you didn’t go for dry February. Also other months count:

  1. February is the shortest month so, of course, every challenge is a way easier!
  2. Christmas is over and Easter or summer are not there yet. So – why not now?
  3. However, it might be very challenging at the same time. Balls, parties, long winter nights, everything is calling you for a drink…
  4. Your body will say a big thank you. Not only you keep it fitter by not drinking so much, your sleep will also get deeper and will have higher quality.
  5. In the mornings, you will feel much more energized then after a night when you “only had just two beers.” Your study and work results will mirror this fact, too.
  6. What a surprise – drinking cost money. In February, you can save those for later – or even book your weekend out of Prague. In case you still go to pubs and just don’t drink alcoholic, this doesn’t change much – nonalcoholic beers and beverages are quite often more expensive than the actual beer.

So what about you? Did you try or is your Erasmus stay in Prague still a neverending party? In case you are interested, check out the official website of the whole dry February campaign.