Best things to do in the Czech mountains

Before the winter is over, let’s enjoy it to the fullest. In Prague, it’s not exactly our thing, as it is not a real winter-wonderlandish winter, obviously. So we head to the czech mountains as often as possible and that counts! In less then three weeks, we would also like to take you with us. Join our weekend skiing trip and besides skiing or snowboarding, you can also:

1. Sledging

Back to childhood. Who wouldn’t want that? That’s also one of the reasons why the way down is more pleasant then the fitness-like way up the hill. Higly recommended!

2. Cross-country skiing

With cross country skiing it’s usually yes or no – you rather love it or hate it. Try to start with a shorter trail but be careful with vasking the skies, it might help you a lot. The stuff at the ski rental should help you with this.

3. Bombardino or Aperol spritz at the ski resort bar

In the Czech Republic, you can also have a grog (shot of rum with a hot water) or a hot wine, but also classy italian skiing drinks are a must! Give your friends one or two more rides and wait for them outside the bar with a nice mountain view! But don’t drink too much – with skiing it’s almost like drunk driving, pay attention. 😉

4. Sauna & wellness

After a long day skiing or snowboarding, there’s nothing better than having a rest in the spa. Many hotels in the czech mountains have their own swimming pool or sauna, but google or ask at the infopoint if you are trying to find some. At some of the cities you can even join thermal spa – and what’s more than watching the sun set behind the mountais from the pool with a nice warm water?

5. Enjoy the long evenings in the warm

Even if the spring is near, the evenings are still rather long. That means more comfort food, more time near the fireplace with a good book or more partying – depends what you’re up to!

And what are your hacks for the best mountain experiences? If you wanna join ours, do not hesitate to follow the Facebook event and join our mountain trip from 22nd to 24th of March.