LUSTR Festival

Where: Hybenrská 4, Praha - Nové Město
When: 04/10 9:00 - 10/10 21:00
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LUSTR festival – Prague celebration of illustration for the fifth time!

LUSTR is a celebration of illustration a festival packed with workshops, lectures, discussions and exhibitions of works by professionals and enthusiasts. It includes presentations by Czech artists as well as international names like Mágoz from Spain, who has worked for the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal among others, Jonathan Vermesch from France, or Slovak illustrator Martina Pauková. More than 40 authors come meet the public face to face, and, most importantly, lead a dialogue whose absence was the main impulse for our endeavour. LUSTR is a platform for sharing experiences from the world of illustration.

LUSTR isn’t just pictures on the walls – it is diverse installations by 40 selected artists, as well as workshops, talks/lectures, educational activities, music and drinks. The festival is a unique chance for the artists to meet each other, and share their experiences and skills in a fun environment.

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